I had chronic debilitating plantar fascitis that failed to respond to medicine, podiatry,etc,etc. I contacted Graston Technique and was told that Dr. Jannelli was the most experienced provider in the area...It has been 2 years now since we completed treatment, and my feet are still perfect...

- Susan H.

I am so glad that Dr. Manalo referred me to you. I'm singing your praises to my friends with similar aches and pains. I think your approach to treating my problems was fantastic, and the new orthotics you prescribed are great.

- Cindy N.

Please see delawareonline.com's health section for 9/2/08. They paid a visit to our office to do a story on the Graston Technique.


After my first visit, my back pain was reduced by 50%. After my second visit my back pain was reduced by 90%...Dr. Jannelli's treatment was very logical. My quality of life has improved significantly. The family physician didn't want to send me to a chiropractor, but when I insisted, he sent me to the chiropractor his colleague utilized...It happend to be Dr. Jannelli. Since then, my family physician has now started to refer patients to Dr. Jannelli .

- Richard M.

Richard M. Jannelli,DC,CertMDT

Compensatory Pattern Management™ CPM.SPACE 

We were in the process of researching neurosurgeons, because the quarterly epidural injections were not providing enough relief. Then Dr. Sokoloff recommended I consult with Dr. Jannelli....I no longer need to search for a neurosurgeon, and my debilitating sciatica is gone. I no longer go for epidural injections, but I do see Dr. Jannelli occasionally for a tune-up. 

- Sally R.

I have had knee problems consistently since breaking my foot several years ago. My knee problems had progressed to the point that another marathon was out of the question. Surgery was offered, but with no guarantees.  I traveled over 1 hour to see Dr. Jannelli, and it was the best trip I ever made. I honestly can not express how highly I think of Dr. Jannelli...It feels great to be training again and know that there are many more marathons in my future.

- Hathaway I.


You have kept me well for close to 15 years...Fortunately, with your regular care I have been able to avoid drastic surgeries.The challenge now is to keep me going for 25 more years, when I will be 100 years old.

- Pete Y.


For 5 months I have had leg, foot and hip symptoms. No one was able to figure out what was wrong with me...My neurologist sent me to Dr. Jannelli. I reported a 30% reduction in my hip symptoms after the initial exam and treatment. In addition, I feel confident that we have identified the source of my problems.

- Elaine P.