My story in brief :

A chiropractor fixed my chronic elbow pain in about 7 visits when I was in high school. My father took me to him after the only other alternative offered was medication. It was so bad at times that I could not participate in gym class or pursue other athletic endeavors that I was interested in. It was an out of pocket expense, and a word of mouth referral. It was totally worth it.

During my service with the Marines, I suffered with bouts of severe neck and back pain and a shoulder injury.  Once again, medication was the only thing the Corpsman had to offer. This was even limited depending on the activities we were involved in. In particular, i recall a severe stiff neck during a helicopter operation. The Corpsman told me the meds would have to wait until the helicopter operation was over. No chiro available....?

It wasn't until my discharge and beginning of college studies that, once again, chiropractic helped me. My neck, back and shoulder issues quickly became more manageable and I started feeling great !

Thank you to Dr Durst , Ron James, DC, and Juan Elizalde,PT,DC. 

With over 25 years of experience applying the various methods I have gained and maintained certifications in, I believe it is time to say that I now  have my own system of evaluation and treatment. I no longer maintain a certification in ART, but I certified in 5 different levels and maintained those yearly recerts for well over 10 years. What I do cannot be considered just one method of treatment. It has become an eclectic combination of various methods, centered around  a "progression of forces" concept. 

One to one individualized care plans are developed based on your own unique structural issues and needs.

Typically we will see a new patient 2-3 times per week for four weeks. In many cases we may have resolved their complaint, or we will have at least established whether or not we are on the right course. More severe injuries and conditions may require more extensive care, however we will try to establish a number of options to fit each individual patient's needs...Whether they are interested in only acute care/ pain relief, supportive pain management care, or a more proactive structural healthcare plan to optimize physical performance and structural preservation, we will try to work with them to help them reach their goals.

The approach is an eclectic combination of examination and treatment methods designed to quickly identify the best candidates for care. Many patients see results as soon as the first visit, and should know if this type of care is right for them within the first 3-4 visits. Soreness is not uncommon during the first several sessions, depending on the nature of the problem. Most patients can tolerate this and have a common sense understanding as to why they may be sore.
Our Crossfit patient population can attest to that...



Dr. Richard M Jannelli 

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